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About us

We are not a big team. The Instagram page and this website run by Sujan Sunthar, an ardent Thalapathy fan dreaming to meet him in person one day among millions of others. 

We have created the first ever Instagram fanpage for Thalapathy @vijay_official on 18th January 2012. and we have become the Majestic 1Million family on 16th of February 2021.  

We celebrated our 1Million goal by doing a welfare event in association with OTFC on March 7,2021 funded by the followers of @vijay_official Instagram fanpage. 

We launched our brand new website on 31st March 2021. We have a special gift for Thalapathy fans exclusively on our website which is THALAPATHY RADIO , 24/7 Thalapathy songs, motivational speeches  and more. 

Keep supporting Nanba and Thankyou for your Love towards Thalapathy and our fanpage.

with Love,

Sujan Sunthar

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