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Why did Thalapathy Cycle to the Polling Booth ?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Donning a light blue shirt with a black face mask, Vijay pedaled through the streets of Chennai amid heavy security and the gleeful eyes of the onlookers. The video has gone viral.

Netizens say because of a steady fuel price hike, actor Vijay was seen riding a bicycle to a polling booth at Nellangarai in Chennai, to the delight of his fans, as the Tamil Nadu assembly elections kicked off on Tuesday.

But as his PRO declared, Thalapathy Vijay decided to go by cycle instead of using car because the poll booth was right next to his residence and taking the car might have congested the road even more. there was no intention behind it.

But Vijay has been vocal in matters of political and social issues, utlilising his film and music launch events for voicing his statements. After the release of his movie Mersal, which contained scenes that irked the far-right, Vijay had come under severe attack from Tamil Nadu’s BJP. He was also subject to raids by the Income Tax department during the shooting of his latest release Master.

Vijay commands a growing legion of youngsters in Tamil Nadu. Much like his seniors from cinema like Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth, actor Vijay has been feeding the fandom with politically charged statements and movies that fanned popular dissatisfaction.

His films around demonetisation and GST have been big success over the recent years in Tamil Nadu.

The DMK has been attempting to leverage Vijay’s symbolic show, highlighting the travails of common folk because of the fuel price hike. The party is hoping to get back to power after 10 years, riding on a strong anti-BJP sentiment in the state.

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